K-Content Goes Global: Insights from the 2023 Brightcove Streaming Technology Conference

The BrightCove Global Streaming Technology Summit 2023 brought together industry pioneers and experts under the theme "Streaming Technology & K-Content Going Global." Held at the AZALEAS Hall, Fairmont Ambassador Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea, on November 20, 2023.

This event explored critical topics ranging from content significance and user experience to technological advancements and strategies for international expansion. BrightCove is the world's leading video solution technology company, providing video solution technology and players not only to the Academy Awards, but also to famous sports leagues such as the Olympics and the NHL.

The conference comprised two key parts: presentations by industry leaders in the streaming entertainment sector and a panel discussion.

Global Streaming Market Insights From Entertainment technology Leaders

Session One kicked off with Jung Han, CEO of Direct Media Lab, who provided a comprehensive analysis of the ever-evolving global streaming market. Han's insights encompassed the market transition from cable to streaming, focusing on sports streaming trends and challenges, including recent disputes like Disney's fee hike from Charter. He highlighted the recent SAG-AFTRA strike and its potential impact on revenue distribution on global streaming platforms, underlining the significance of Korean platforms in global production. However, despite growing demand in Korean content, supply remains limited, and it is still not considered “mainstream” among the international market.

Session Two featured Jason (Dong-eun) Lee, Regional Director and Korea Country Manager for Brightcove, who shared insights on Brightcove's video platform and its role in content management and user experience.  Lee explored solutions like Brightcove's integration with Yahoo and its role in reducing streaming costs while enhancing ad visibility.

His creative use of analogy likened streaming services to cars, distinguishing between the 'engine' of content, user experience, and the 'tire,' represented by the video management system, elucidating Brightcove's role in balancing these pivotal elements and focus on excelling in core areas. Lee emphasized Brightcove's commitment to content quality, exemplified through content-aware encoding technology and ad-based streaming solutions.

Two primary solutions, Content-Aware Encoding (CAE) and FAST (Free Ad Supported Television), were highlighted as key drivers behind a substantial 30 percent reduction in management fees. Lee concluded emphasizing Brightcove's mission to “provide video solutions reflective of the customer’s needs.”

In Session Three, Kun-hee Park, CEO of KOCOWA, emphasized the importance of “streaming technology for global success.” Park shed light on KOCOWA's direct-to-consumer service, KOCOWA+, and its expansion across the Americas. He highlighted the intricacies of timely content localization and emphasized Asia's challenges in “reaching the right segment.”

Park explained the multifaceted nature of localization, noting, “it’s far more than adding subtitles,” and the importance of brand experience in the B2B sector. KOCOWA aims to become the “ultimate destination” for Korean content.

Session Four featured Jun Park, CEO of NewID, discussing the “Global FAST Market and Growth Potential in Korea.” NewID provides the K-content-centered FAST platform 'Binge Korea' in global markets such as Europe and North America. Park detailed NewID's role in utilizing FAST platforms for K-content expansion in global markets such as Japan, and highlighted the challenges of K-content perception overseas.

K-Content can be seen as “unfriendly” in areas such as North America, South America and Europe due to the focus on English when providing subtitles and dubbing. She emphasized the need for better utilization of FAST platforms and the importance of localization to bridge content gaps.

Park states, “Initially, we overlooked these elements and faced trial and error,” but recommends that “partners entering now need to consider these aspects carefully” for global success.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion featuring esteemed experts discussing technical issues in the streaming market, real-time channels, video platforms, AI integration, and evolving marketing models. The panel was followed by a banquet dinner, concluding the event.

The 2023 Brightcove Global Streaming Technology Summit showcased industry leaders actively strategizing to adapt to the shifting streaming landscape. Plans were laid out for research into ad-based VOD (AVOD), reinforced media workflow management, improving the distribution lifespan of global K-content, and exploration of new benchmarks in paid live broadcasting on streaming platforms.

Jason Lee, Brightcove Korea's President, aims to guide attendees in “choosing the right video streaming solution” amidst the dynamic international market scenario. This collective effort seeks to secure the future of K-content amid the global streaming evolution.

About Brightcove

Brightcove creates the world’s most reliable, scalable, and secure streaming technology solutions to build a greater connection between companies and their audiences, no matter where they are or on which devices they consume content. In more than 60 countries, Brightcove’s intelligent video platform enables businesses to sell to customers more effectively, media leaders to stream and monetize content more reliably, and every organization to communicate with team members more powerfully.

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