KCTA & S&P Joint Conference to be held on 4th. Sep

The Korea Cable TV Broadcasting Association (KCTA) announced that it will jointly host the conference on "The Future of the Korea Media Industry in the Evolution and Globalization Expansion of AI" with S&P Global Market Intelligence on September 4th Sep (Mon).

Seong-Min Lee who is Professor of the Korea National Open University will take the first presentation on the subject of "Finding a Way in the Chaos of the Media Industry in the post-pandemic  Transition Period."

LEE will address Korea market trends that have emerged amidst the stumbling in the chaos of the post-pandemic transition period due to the expansion of impact of streaming and diagnose the flow of the local industry focusing on factors that will influence market changes, such as media consumption habits.

Secondly, Jessica Fuk researcher at S&P Global Market Intelligence will introduce global video industry trends.

For Panel discussion,  Jung-Hyun Kim who is professor in Korea University will be the moderator and  Dong-Kyun kwak research Fellow at KISDI, Jung-Hwan Kim, professor at Pukyong National University, Ji-Eun Lee, Senior Researcher at Law Firm SHIN&KIM and Sung-Wook Ji, professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies will participate

The 'Global Media Market Outlook Conference' will be held at the Orchid Room in Westin Chosun Hotel from 2 PM on 4th Sep(Mon), and those who want to watch can sign up on website(www.kcta.or.kr).

Following the conference, KCTA will also the '2023 Cable TV Broadcasting Awards'(the only award ceremony in the pay-TV industry) on the same day.

The KCTA, or Korea Cable Television Association, is an organization in South Korea that represents the interests of cable television operators.

Its members may include companies involved in cable broadcasting, broadband internet services, and related industries.

The association may work on various matters, such as industry standards, regulations, technological advancements, and collaborations with both domestic and international organizations, to promote and support the growth and development of the cable TV and related industries in South Korea.

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