Korean local streaming Tving, subscription price increase

Korea streaming service Tving is raising its annual subscription prices by about 20% from the previous (list price) starting next month.

Previously, in December of last year, Tving raised its monthly plans amidst other major streaming raising their prices, but its annual subscription, which pays for a full year in advance, had been at the same price for five months.

However, the increase only applies to new subscribers, not those who already have an annual subscription.

According to Tving's announcement, the new price will be 114,000(won) for the Basic annual subscription 94,800(won), $162,000 for the Standard annual subscription 138,000(won), and 204,000(won) for the Premium annual subscription 168,000(won) $1=1,380won

However, to ease the burden on new members, Tving will offer a 27% discount on the annual subscription for at least one month. Basic is available for $83,000, Standard for 118,000 won, and Premium for 148,000 won

Earlier, Google raised the price of YouTube Premium, which allows users to watch videos without ads, by 43 percent from 14,500 won to 14,900 won per month, and Disney Plus raised its monthly plan by 40 percent from 9,900 won to 13,900 won.

Netflix restricted account sharing, charging 5,000 won more for each additional person, and

local streaming Coupang recently raised the price of its WoW membership by 58% from 4,990 won to 7,890 won per month, effectively raising the price of its streaming service Coupang Play.

Starting this year, Tving will exclusively broadcast Korean professional baseball for three years. Until April 30, the KBO League is running a free-to-view event, but starting in May, Fan'll need to purchase a Tving subscription to watch all regular season and postseason games.

meanwhile TVING is a South Korean subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service operated by TVING Corporation, a joint venture of CJ ENM Entertainment Division, Naver and JTBC. It is a platform that streams dramas, entertainment shows, animations, exclusive television films, specials and documentaries

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