KCC to sign 'audiovisual co-production agreement' with Canada by the end of the year

The Korea Communications Commission(KCC) is pushing to sign a Korea-Canada audiovisual co-production agreement with Department of Canadian Heritage by the end of the year. This will allow the mythology of the popular drama "Goblin" set in Canada to be recreated, the government hopes.

Vice Chairman Lee Sang-in of the KCC met with Talib Nurmohamed, Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage, at the Rosetta Hall of the Embassy of Canada in Seoul on Thursday.

They discussed cooperation on co-productions and the signing of the Korea-Canada Audiovisual Co-Production Agreement, which is currently being finalized, by the end of the year.

lee sang in(left)

A co-production agreement, which has the same effect as domestic law, is a system for jointly producing broadcast programs with another country and granting benefits.

Broadcast programs produced under the terms of the agreement are recognized as domestic productions in both countries and are not subject to regulations such as overseas production quotas. When producing a program, filming equipment can be brought in and production personnel can enter and exit the country.

The agency has previously completed co-production agreements with 38 countries around the world, including the European Union, India, and the United Kingdom.

Currently, it is actively expanding the number of countries by negotiating with Canada, China, Turkiye, and Thailand.

Through an annual contest, it provides production costs for co-production programs to domestic broadcasters to enhance the effectiveness of the agreement and support the expansion of broadcast contents overseas.

Deputy Minister Talib Nurmohamed, who is in Korea on a trade mission for Canada, said that the signing of the Korea-Canada Audiovisual Co-Production Agreement is a top priority of his work to promote co-productions with Korea.

"There are various co-productions taking place in the private sector, but once an agreement is signed, they can receive benefits and support at the national level," said Lee, adding, "We will actively support the creation of more co-production programs through the Korea-Canada Audiovisual Co-Production Agreement."

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